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LEVITRA (vardenafil HCI) - Preparation File

Levitra it is highly effective from the very first reception at men, it is not dependent on age and at any forms of erectile dysfunction.

Levitra also it is effective at patients with a diabetes, after a prostatectomy, refractory to other inhibitors PDE5.

Efficiency of Levitra does not decrease eventually, providing reliable result over and over again.

At 91 % of men it becomes perceptible normalisation of erectile function after a starting dose of Levitra of 10 mg.

Levitra starts to operate in 10 minutes after reception, allowing to realise desire quickly and naturally.

Optimum duration of action of Levitra makes 8 - 12 hours that provides high-grade sex relations.

High safety is reached by the raised selectivity concerning PDE5.

Food intake and alcohol does not influence efficiency of action of Levitra. Levitra it is well transferred and it is convenient in application.
  • Erectile dysfunction and heart pathology: not recognised and not taped interrelation.
  • Erectile dysfunction: not most diagnosed complication of a diabetes.
  • Principal causes of erectile dysfunction.
  • Men with erectile dysfunction and doctors search for new possibilities of treatment.
  • What do men wait from agents of therapy of erectile dysfunction?
  • Success of treatment by Levitra will reach at a wide range of patients.
  • Successful treatment by Levitra of hard cases (ED).
  • Levitra operates quickly and provides reliable effect in time.
  • Levitra it is effective from the first reception of a dose of 10 mg.
  • Levitra provides success of sexual intercourse during all 24 months of treatment.
  • Levitra - the most active and highly selective inhibitor PDE5.
  • Sharp selectivity of Levitra to PDE5 frames a favorable profile of safety and shipping.
  • Levitra: key safety rules.
  • High efficiency of Levitra finds the wide response at patients.

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