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LEVITRA (vardenafil HCI) - Features And Advantages
More than 150 million men all over the world suffer erectile dysfunction (ED),
in 20 years their expected number will reach 322 million.
Aytac IA, McKinlay JB AND Krane RJ, 1999

About 70 % of cases (ED) remain not diagnosed.
Chun J, Carson CC III, 2001

Erectile dysfunction leads to depression of quality of a life is not dependent on the reasons, its caused.
(ED) it is accompanied by feeling of the physical
And an emotional dissatisfaction, and, means, and depression of feeling of pleasure of a life.
Fugl-Meyer AR, Lodnert G, Branholm IB, et al, 1999

More than half of the men suffering (ED), do not consider that at the heart of their illness somatopathies lie.
National Institute of Health, 1992.
Niederberger CS, Lonsdale J, 2002.

Erectile dysfunction - a barometre of man's health
Erectile dysfunction and heart pathology: not recognised and not taped interrelation

The men who have addressed concerning (ED), did not have clinical signs of a cardiovascular pathology, however:
At 80 % one risk factor of cardiovascular disease has been taped at least.
Pritzkeretal. 1999

Erectile dysfunction: not most diagnosed complication of a diabetes
  • Prevalence (ED) at the men, suffering a diabetes: 58 %.
  • 63 % of patients with (ED) were never surveyed by the doctors about it.

De Berardis G et al. Diabetes Care 2002

Principal causes of erectile dysfunction
  • Medicinal preparations
  • Rising of level of cholesterol and Saccharum in a blood
  • Depression and alarm
  • AGE
  • Illnesses of a prostate and bladder
  • Diabetes
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Relations between partners
Men with erectile dysfunction and doctors
search for new possibilities of treatment
More than 75 % of patients with the erectile dysfunction, receiving therapy by modern agents, would like to
try new medical products. More than 70 % of doctors express necessity of new medical possibilities
What do men wait from agents of therapy of erectile dysfunction?
From all men:
  • Operates reliably from of time in time - 47 %
  • Small number of By-effects - 40 %
  • High of safety - 40 %
  • It can be applied together with other medicines of - 29 %
  • Has the reasonable of price - 19 %
  • Operates only when it is necessary - 16 %
  • operate of 24 hours - 13 %
Sand M et al. ISSIR 2002

Success of treatment by Levitra oj will reach at a wide range of patients

85 % at patients in wide population at application of the fixed dose
Hellstrom WJ, Gittelman M, Karlin G, et al, 2002
92 % at patients in wide population at application of a flexible dose
Potempa A-J, Ulbrich E, Bernard, 2003
 Successful treatment by Levitra of hard cases(ED)

Successful treatment of 72 % sick of a diabetes
Goldstein I, Young J, Segerson T et al., 2002

Success will reach at 71 % of patients with a prostatectomy
Brock G, Nehra A, Lipshultz L, et al, 2002

Positive take at 72 % at patients with expressed (ED)
Padma-Nathan H, Porst H, Eardley I, et al., 2002

Positive to result of 62 % of patients, Refractory to Viagra
С Carson, D. Hatzichristou, s. Carrier, D. Lording, et. al., 2003

The reached result at patients difficultly giving in to therapy
Gives confidence of success of treatment at a wide range of patients.

Levitra operates quickly and provides reliable effect in time

  • Levitra starts to operate quickly - already through 10 mines (in 25 minutes at the majority of men).
  • Action of Levitra proceeds 8-12 hours that provides high-grade sex relations.
  • Sex stimulation is necessary.
  • Levitra it is possible to accept irrespective of food intake.
  • Action of Levitra does not depend on alcohol reception.
Levitra it is effective from the first reception of a dose of 10 mg

92 % of the patients receiving Levitra, the erection has improved from the first reception
of Levitra of 10 mg and remained at the further reception of times from time
Hatzichristou D, Montorsi F, Porst H, et al, 2003

74 % of men with (ED), the penetration was successful from the first reception of Levitra of 10 or 20 mg
Valiquette L, Hellstrom W, Gittelman M, et al., 2003

Levitra: key safety rules
  • Levitra it is necessary to accept once a day.
  • Recommended initial dose of 10 mg.
  • At simultaneous application with inhibitors CYP3A4 (erythromycin, ketoconazole, of ltraconazole) and alpha-blockers the dose of Levitra should not exceed 5 mg and Levitra should not be accepted within 6 hours before alpha-blocker reception.
    The combination with a ritonavir and of indinavir is contraindicative.
  • Levitra it is not recommended to accept together with Sodium nitritums and donators oxide some nitrogen.
  • Patients with serious cardiovascular diseases are not recommended to accept Levitra.
High efficiency of Levitra finds the wide response at patients
  • Levitra - a new highly effective preparation of a choice for treatment of erectile dysfunction at a wide range of patients.
  • High efficiency of Levitra is provided even in the hard cases.
  • Levitra operates quickly and provides high reliability in all cases (ED), irrespective of the reasons.
  • Levitra - the most active and highly selective inhibitor PDE5.
  • Levitra it is convenient and safe in application.